Moms are the best!

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Hey, remember last time when we started talking about spring, and then April dumped like, 2 feet of snow on us? Well, we're trying not to get too excited about the birds chirping and the sun shining this time. Don't wanna jinx it. But it's pretty hard, since the calendar says that May is right around the corner. We're really hoping spring has actually sprung this time...otherwise we might lose Jessie to Florida permanently!

But you know what else is right around the corner, whether we get too excited about it or not? Mother's Day! And we ARE excited about it! We got to talking amongst ourselves about our plans for May 13th this year. And then we thought we'd share them with you, because it's always nice to have new ideas for celebrating the incredible women in your life. 

Go big. Amanda's planning to throw a big brunch for her family, and give all of the women a potted plant to take home. An annual is a good choice, because they come in so many bright colors and varieties, and you can keep it potted if you don't have a garden to plant it in. Giving away potted plants means you can also take the opportunity to express your crafty side with a fancy or personalized flower pot...or you could also keep it simple, depending on Mom's taste.

Go small. Just you and Mom and a couple of bottomless mimosas. And maybe an endless buffet, too. Mom shouldn't have to lift a finger, so Jessie's going out with her mom and keeping the cooking and cleaning to the absolute minimum. Cheers!

Go custom. Matt's leaning toward customized or personalized gifts this year. We can't be too specific, because Mother's Day isn't for a couple of weeks yet and you never know who's reading! But it's fun to think about the options. For the mom who likes useful gifts, how about a monogrammed carry-on for the mom who likes to travel? Or a personalized ebook reader cover for a mom who is never without her Kindle? Or - cliche of cliches - a personalized apron for the mom who loved to cook? Or, if the mom in your life is partial to sparkly things, jewelry can be easily customized with kids' birthstones or engraved birthdates.

From all of us at the Be Moved Group, to all you amazing moms out there - not to mention the people who mother in other ways - Happy Mother's Day! We wouldn't be here without you!

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