Buying a House? Beat the Spring Rush.

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We know, we know: spring? Looking out the window, that white stuff all over the ground can make it seem like spring is a long way off. But traditionally, the Super Bowl is the kick-off of the spring market here in the real estate biz, so we at the Be Moved Group are already planning for warmer days. If you've been thinking about buying a new home, don't wait until the grass starts to peek through! Here's why we think you should jump in and get your shopping done now, during the colder months.

Amanda says: “If you can buy now, you can take your time and beat the rush of buyers that comes out when the weather is warmer.”

Sunlight gives energy to all kinds of things...including home buyers. Come spring, there are going to be a lot more people coming out of hibernation, and their eyes are going to land on the same properties you've been eyeing. To stay competitive, you'll have to navigate short time frames and bidding wars while trying to keep the reins on your budget. But right now, things are a bit more chill (literally and figuratively). Buy a home now, and you'll be able to take advantage of the more relaxed atmosphere.

Matt says: "There's a pretty good chance that people who list in the winter are more motivated to move, and that means that you can get a better deal."

With fewer home buyers and less demand, prices drop in the winter. Most sellers realize this but are choosing to list anyway, for one reason or another. Their urgency to sell might be to your benefit as a buyer; aside from the generally lower prices, sellers may also be more willing to negotiate.

Jessie says: “Why wait until Black Friday to do your Christmas shopping, when everyone else is there?”

So, spring brings a rush of buyers and a rise in prices. Put 'em together and you've got all of the pressure of a Black Friday door-buster, but none of the discounts. Everyone knows that one person who does all their Christmas shopping in July, right? And we kind of roll our eyes, but secretly we're a little impressed. And when we finally get around to doing our own shopping on December 23rd, we're also a little jealous. If you buy a home now, not only will you beat the rush and get a great deal, you'll also be that person that all your friends are secretly impressed with. 

So buy now. And make your friends jealous when you invite them over to sip coffee on your new porch this spring.  ;)

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